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How to Improve Your Credit Rating

Even though you can make money working from home, your credit card rating is dependent on many factors and sometimes it can be a real struggle to keep it from falling lower. However, your credit score lies completely in your hands and improving it is easier than it may seem. See what determines your credit score and you will understand how you can easily improve your credit rating!

I improved my Credit Rating. Yay!

I improved my Credit Rating. Yay!

Payment History is something that accounts for 35% of your credit score, making it the most influential factor in your credit rating. This is not a surprise – after all, creditors will always pay a lot of attention at how – and when – you pay your bills. So, paying everything on time will go a long way to improve your credit rating in the Grand Mondial mobile casinos.

The second most important factor in your credit score calculations is your Debt Level. About 30% of your credit score will be determined by credit utilization – the height of your debt level when compared to your credit limit. Ideally, you will want to keep a card balance that takes up less than one third of your credit limit.

Credit History – the longer you have an open account with a certain creditor, the better! Creditors love long credit histories because they provide them with more information about your spending and paying habits, allowing for less risk and more accuracy in calculations.

Each credit application you make adds an Inquiry to your credit report. All inquiries made in the previous year enter the calculations which determine your credit score. If you gather a lot of inquiries, the creditors will probably assume you are in some kind of financial trouble. Always keep the number of credit applications as low as you can!

Another thing that might affect your credit rating is a Mix of Credit. Essentially, if you are successfully managing several different credits, it will be assumed that you know how to keep your finances in check.

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